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FastCompany published a “Most Influential Women in Technology” list a few weeks back, with categories as fun as The Entrepreneurs, The Activists and The Bloggers and The Executives.

Speaking of women executives, USA Today (of all newspapers!) ran a story on Jan 2, “Women CEOs slowly gain on Corporate America,” that intros the new CEO of DuPont and tracks stock performance of female CEOs over time:

It’s not just that the number of female CEOs is barely inching up. Women now receive about six in 10 college degrees, yet near the top there remains slow progress in the number of female directors, officers, highest paid — and women in the pipeline, according to research by Catalyst, Corporate Library and others.

Great stuff. In the interest of promoting even more great women in technology and leadership, I’d recommend following these women on Twitter, whom have great things to share:

Here’s Marta’s SlideShare presentation (btw, this single-handedly sold me on SlideShare as a viable delivery format):

On a vaguely related but less-vaguely fascinating note, Inside Facebook published a report on Feb 2 about how women over 55 are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. Judging by the number of my friends’ mothers who have added me as a friend on Facebook lately, I can’t argue.

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2 Responses to Women Who Tech / Lead

  1. Allyson Kapin says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I also run the Women Who Tech TeleSummit – http://www.womenwhotech.com

    Allyson Kapin

  2. Marta Kagan says:

    Thanks Samir! It’s an honor to be acknowledged in the company of these women!